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Technical Projects for Legalization of frequency with Anatel

Specialized Limited

The Service Private Limited is a form of restricted interest, for his own use of the performer, be it a natural or legal person. This service is linked to the Superintendency of Private Services and consequently the General Management of Private Telecommunication Services.

Specialized mobile

Specialized Mobile Service (EMS) is the terrestrial cellular telecommunications service of collective interest that uses radio communication system basically sort order to perform operations and other forms of telecommunications. It is characterized by user mobility. The EMS is provided on a private basis, subject to authorization, as provided in Law No. 9472 of 16 July 1997 and is intended for legal persons or groups of persons, natural or juridical, characterized by carrying out specific activities.

Aeronautical Mobile

Category of mobile service in which mobile stations (MA) move by air and communicate with the aeronautical mobile service, called Aeronautical Stations (AF) ground stations. The aeronautical telecommunication services are provided under conditions and frequency bands of the Fixed and Mobile Services Aeronautical, Radionavigation and Aeronautical Radio determination as defined in Regulation of Radio Communication of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the Plan of Allocation, Allocation and Distribution of Frequency Bands in Brazil in ICAO Annex 10, the Brazilian Aeronautical Code, the General Telecommunications Law and others who may come to be considered by the Brazilian legislation.

Radio Taxi

Service is a Private radiotaxi submodality Private Limited Service, a service of interest restrito.É bidirectional radio communication directed to their own use of the performer, gifted or not polling system through which information is exchanged between base stations and land mobile stations installed in rental vehicles, intended for orientation and administration of passenger transport.

List of required documents

Projetos Técnicos para Legalização de Frequencia junto a Anatel

As provided in the General Telecommunications Law (Law No. 9472 of July 16, 1997), any system of radio communication shall be accompanied by their respective operating licenses issued by Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), which will be obtained by presentation of technical design prepared by our fully qualified engineers, in addition to specific documents for such purposes. Beyond the initial technical design of radio, still provide services:

  • Monitoring all stages of licensing until the effective dispatch of operating licenses by the FCC;
  • Renewal Grant, if the validity of their operating licenses is won;
  • Design change to the suitability of a radio communication system with Anatel, for example, change station address, change frequency, enlargement or reduction of existing system and other;
  • Cancellation of dead plants, preventing your company has costs of fees issued by Anatel;
  • Withdrawal of operating licenses available in Anatel;
  • Defense Assessment Notice issued by the Department of Supervision of Anatel, for the irregularities in inspections conducted by inspectors;
  • Emission Compliance Reports in accordance with the Resolution N0. 303 – Anatel, which provides for exposure to electromagnetic fields.

The use of radio communications equipment requires a technical project of limited private telecommunications service that our company will forward with Anatel on behalf of your company. This project will be performed by a telecommunications engineer and incur the following costs:

Table cost