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Softcomp PeerApp UltraBand chooses to reduce network congestion

The Softcomp invests in new technology and becomes a pioneer in applying UltraBand Bahian market in its modern Datacenter.



Softcomp Telecommunications Group

Company specializing in the sale, rental and servicing of telecommunications equipment, with extensive operations in various vertical markets such as Industry, Dealers Road, Transportation of values​​, Asset Protection, malls and at big events like the Summer Festival and Carnival in Salvador, the Softcomp started using the month January 2013 one of the most modern platforms cache the world, pioneering the application of this platform in Salvador. According to Márcio Mosquera, Director of New Business of the organization, in practice, the new technology will in accelerating content, providing the end user with a higher speed browsing and viewing videos in real time.

This is the UltraBand, PeerApp, North American leader in solutions for intelligent media caching and content acceleration for Internet video. UltraBand is the only caching platform that has multiple purposes. Among them, reduces network congestion, help saves money and improves therefore the customer satisfaction as it improves the cost-benefit ratio.

Thus, Softcomp, offering video, voice and data services, modernizes further to provide customers with high quality service, always aiming to satisfy and comfort of users.

The recognition of such a company effort to always provide high quality services and modernize their operations came with the Carnival this year, where I work Softcomp the boxes, among others.

The use of the platform improves performance in streaming videos and dowloads. The performance reports QoE of UltraBand systems indicate that the UltraBand is accelerating video streams and downloads for over 95% of broadband subscribers. UltraBand reduces the width of transit bandwidth and network infrastructure costs by more than 40%.

Mosquera highlights that systems were chosen through a rigorous selection process started in December, when three proposals were examined. As a criterion of choice, the network engineering team evaluated PeerApp platform as the most reliable technology and is the only approved to support our high demand for data processing. Other requirements were assessed, including the proposed technique designs deployment, operations support, time and content delivery.