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The Softcomp Group opened the CCTV monitoring system Camaçari Industrial Complex

The initiative pioneered industrial complex the size of Camacari, aims to improve security through an integrated action between the Military Police, Road Policing and Independent Company Specializing – CIPE.
Inaugurated on July 7, the Monitoring System for Cameras – CCTV has 31 cameras placed at strategic points, connected to a source of solar energy and night gathering capability, which will allow monitoring 24. The system’s opening ceremony was attended by the State Secretary of Public Security, Mauricio Barbosa, the Mayor of Camaçari, Ademar Delgado, the Military Police General Commander, Colonel Anselmo Brandão, the Superintendent of COFIC, Mauro Ferreira, also present were the Director of Management and New Business Softcomp group, Anderson Mosquera and Márcio Mosquera.
The system, according to the secretary Mauricio Barbosa soon integrate the state’s monitoring center will be used for two purposes, monitoring and research. For Colonel Anselmo Brandão “over this apparatus will monitor and accelerate our law enforcement actions. We are really connected to inhibit and reduce crime in communities that will benefit from the system. ”
The Softcomp is responsible for building and maintaining the system. “We have built a sustainable business model of the economic and environmental point of view. It is a renewable energy system and autonomous, “says Márcio Mosquera. From an environmental point of view, he cites the power of the cameras is via a solar panel. Since the data transmission is by radio. “We do not use lead wire, each camera has its own power supply and transmission which greatly minimizes the cost of maintenance.” According to him “the system is an evolution – to the security service technology. We use the best technology to ensure viewing in full HD 1080P, nighttime images using infrared light, and a high standard monitoring software with intelligence to video analysis and alerts of shots. ”
Anderson Mosquera celebrates the success of the project, “it is a system with an innovative business model. We set the structure and we lease to companies in the region. Thus, we will have resources to continue giving maintenance to the system. ” He also emphasizes the social side, “for Softcomp, plus a business, there are social issues. Certainly we reach one crime drop in the region and this is reversed in quality of life for the communities that live there. “

Testimony about the system:

Bruno Rudner “the way of the monitoring project will bring more security to the companies located in Camaçari Industrial Complex and its employees, because everyone circulate daily on the roads, commuting to and from work. The system has the feature to prevent and therefore will inhibit criminals feel the urge to attack companies that are located in the Polo as they can be identified later or even caught in action. “According to him the project began to be gestated in 2012 from the efforts of a group representing companies in COFIC under his leadership. “Having the Softcomp as technical partner and integrator, it was important for a project with such complexity,” he adds.