Technical Assistance | Grupo Softcomp

The Softcomp has highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in providing technical assistance in drafting and design and maintenance , able to meet the connectivity needs of their customers.

Partner brands such as Motorola, Softcomp is able to offer integrated solutions for corporate communication systems of any size and technology solutions.

The Softcomp provides field maintenance and repair in the communication of data and voice equipment laboratory , being prepared to serve customers with online maintenance contract for a maximum of two hours. We have a laboratory equipped for repair of various communication equipment, such as portable radios, mobile, repeaters systems and wireless networks.

For customers without a maintenance contract , you can receive a free quote for repair of equipment in a maximum of 5 working days ( normal period is 2-3 days).

Contact us. The Softcomp is on hand to listen to your needs in communication networks for voice and data as well as serve them with quality, speed and efficiency.

Softcomp - Assistência Técnica